Web Exorcism. Exorcising the Demons of Bad Design Off Your Website


Exorcising the Demons of Bad Design Off Your Website

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Clean and User-Friendly Web Design
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Turn Website Into a Sales Machine
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Enhance Any Website Builder

We can redesign and improve your website performance directly in website builder or transfer it to an incredibly fast software stack.
Improving website on Godaddy web builder
Improving website on Wordpress
Improving website on Squarespace
Improving website on Shopify
Improving website on Weebly web builder
Improving website on WiX web builder
Improving website on React
Improving website on Angular
Improving website on Joomla
Design or Improving website on Django

Smooth and Easy

We create a copy of your website on our server, enhance web design, fix bugs, update images and rewrite texts if necessary, increasing performance and improving UX. Then we install it back to your website.
It was so hard to say goodbye to my old website. But you have to be strong, leave the bad design in the past and start a new better life with a new effective online presence.
I was amazed at how many demons of bad web design my website had. Thanks to Blimey's team who made it so easy and simple to rid my website of this curse.
You saved me! Thanks, Web Exorcism is what you really need when you have a terrible web design that scares users with an awkward user interface. Bless you!
Before I met you, I had no idea what could be done with my website. Sales were at zero. I wasted a lot of time, but you improved my site in a few days and eliminated all the demons of bad web design. Thank you so much!
I spent a lot of money on advertising trying to attract new customers, but all to no avail. Fortunately, a wise person told me that I had a lot of bad web design demons and my interface was confusing my users.

Thanks to Blimey's team, we exorcised all the demons in one day, making the user interface simple and easy to understand. Bless you my dears, you are great!
Blimey, You'll get a bloody good website!
We’ll Double Your Website Performance in Days or Create New One.
Our UK based high-skilled squad of web engineers will quickly resolve any issues regarding your online presence.

Questions? Answers.

Will my website work during the redesign?

Yes, of course it will. Our work will not affect the current operation of the website at all.

I'm not sure if I need it.

Neither are we. We need to assess your website first. It’s free. Just send us a link to your website so we can tell you what exactly we can do to improve it.

Not every website needs to be redesigned, many websites produce value due their identity and we break it if it's changed. Often even tiny improvements can significantly change your user's experience and increase your sales.

What do you need to get started?

Just send us a link to your website and we will offer you the best options in hours.

How does it work?

  1. You send us a link to your website
  2. We assess it and make an offer
  3. You accept our offer
  4. We design new elements and present them to you
  5. You pay the quoted price or decline our offer without any fees
  6. We develop new elements for your website
  7. You can watch our work in real time
  8. Then we can install the new design on your website, or send the source files and instructions to your developer.

What if I have no website?

No problem at all! We can build a website or power application for you. You can find out more information on our Custom WEB Solutions or Instant Launch pages.

I need fix only some bugs

Sure, our amazing UX Boost is perfect for this. We can fix any bugs on your website in days!

Can you maintain my website?

Yes, we can. We have two options: Full Cover Website Maintenance from £99pcm and Pay as You Go from £20/hr. In both cases, we can update your content, fix bugs, improve website design, check for vulnerabilities, update software and more.

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